Welcome to Borden Manor - a modern, comfortable home for assisted living in Kelowna!

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"I was very impressed by the food served and the cooking staff at Borden Manor - they really seem to prioritise the needs and health of the residents over all, and nothing is too much trouble."


"Upon visiting Borden Manor it is evident that a lot of effort goes into the quality of life for the residents. It's clean, bright, comfortable and well-maintained by friendly staff."


"The living spaces are some of the best I've seen. The place really does feel like a home, and I can see my elderly relatives being comfortable in the well-kept indoor and outdoor spaces."

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We take pride in our work at Borden Manor and encourage you to arrange a visit!

  • Front entrance
  • Communal dining room
  • Communal living room
  • Back yard
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom Example

Above you can see our welcoming front entrance as well as our communal dining room, cozy living room, and bright back garden.

Top Quality

Borden Manor is a modern, ten-bedroom home with clean and comfortable living spaces and facilities to suit all needs.

We are in a great location on Borden Avenue with easy access to many amenities, good public transport links, and parking for easy visiting.

  • Three nutritious home-cooked meals daily
  • Assistance with appointments (medical, hairdresser, etc.)
  • Reasonable monthly rates

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We are very easy to locate on Borden Avenue and we would be delighted to arrange a visit should you wish to look around and get to know us!

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